Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And You Thought 'Passage' Was Depressing

Every Day The Same Dream is an "art game" created by Molleindustria, an independent game developer that creates short, satirical games.  Molleindustria is also responsible for the hilarious McDonald's Video Game that Sheila briefly showed in class.

I call it an "art game" because the only challenge comes from trying to figure out what to do next and the only real purpose of the game is to be symbolic.  The player controls a character who can only move left or right and interact with a few objects in a world that is almost entirely grey.  The player does things such as slowly creeping towards work in a traffic jam full of identical cars, sitting in a cubicle in a row of identical cubicles with identical people sitting in them, getting fired, following a hobo to a graveyard, and jumping off of the office building.  If the player performs certain actions they will eventually trigger an ending sequence in which the player wanders through a world devoid of people.  The game is meant to symbolize alienation and the repetitive dullness of the everyday world.
More Depressing
"Art games" like Every Day The Same Dream and Passage are quite unique, focusing more on the message they are delivering than the actual gameplay.  Do you find this unique niche of gaming interesting or does taking much of the 'game' out of a video game render it pointless and uninteresting?

Most Depressing


  1. After all this depressing stuff that's happened today, I don't think I can sleep tonight. WHY DID YOU SHOW THIS TO ME?!

  2. After discussing art games with my friends, you know, like people do, I was recommended the game you posted and this. It's called "The End of Us." Make sure to do it with the music. Short. Interesting. Provoking of thoughts.


    1. It was really cool how The End of Us got me to behave the way they wanted me to without explicitly telling me what to do just by exploiting human (gamer?) tendencies. Thanks for the recommendation.