Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Journal Entry #3: Move You Idiot

You hold the sword above your head, ready to bring it down upon the weary old man.

"Kill him!" Yells the High Senator.

But you can't. You just stand there. It's as if somebody, or a large group of people, were entrusted with making your decision for you and never did. You look really dumb. REALLY dumb. But you can't help it. You aren't in control of yourself in this moment, something else is.

"What is wrong with you? Do what I say!" She turns to one of her guards. "Is he an idiot?" Back to you, "Are you an idiot?"

You are compelled to say yes, but before you do the man in rags stands and grabs your arm and the room spins. You feel as though you're being pressed into the floor and pulled by each arm, but you also feel really dumb for not being able to make a decision earlier. What was your deal? Right when you're about to fall into a downward spiral of self esteem destroying questions you land face first on a dirt road.

Ow. Your face hurts. Minus three health points.

You stand up. The man in rags has disappeared. You are unharmed, except for your face, and it seems the danger has passed.


A bumble bee flies at you from a nearby flower, eyes glowing with menace! You slap it out of the air. It lands on the dirt road in front of you. You squish it with your foot. Although you've forgotten everything about your life that occurred before that intense opening sequence with the High Senator and the weird old guy, you have no trouble recalling that bees are the worst.


+2 Strength
+1 Intelligence
+2 Agility

Unlocked: Carrying Things Bag, Melee weapon slot, Ranged weapon slot, Magic weapon slot

You wish you could have earned more intelligence. In the midst of pondering your stupidity, a single clap creeps from the bushes, followed by another in a sequence of claps that increase in speed until a man emerges in full applause.

"I've been tracking that bee for three days and you killed him in one swipe. Not bad, laddie."

He speaks with an accent. Probably Scottish. But not in an overly Bravehearty sort of way, just in the way that everything seems more important and he calls you laddie a lot.

"I'm heading to the Land of Lost Letters on a bit of a quest. I could use a hand, if you're interested."

You nod.

"Great, laddie!" He says as he smacks you on the back harder than is polite for people who just met. "I'm Flanner, pleasure to meet you. And just your luck, I happen to have a few extra weapons on me. What do you prefer a sword, a bow, or a staff?"

What do you choose
A) Sword
B) Bow
C) Staff

The choice is yours...

On the nineteen of Leaffall,

The Scribe