Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Casual Games Dedicated to Girls

As we've heard in plenty of lectures and readings, video games were mostly a man's [or boy's] realm throughout history. One company in particular, Her Interactive, has changed this stereotype when they released their first game in 1998.
Her Interactive is the creator of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys adventure games, offering a variety of girl games to choose from.
Her Interactive has taken a different step and has created computer video games aimed for girls and women.  They create Nancy Drew mystery games, which have been considered casual games and have won numerous awards.  On their website, they claim:

"Our vision is to be the undisputed leader in creating high quality, fun and inspiring games for girls of all ages. Our philosophy is to create an environment that fosters excellence through the art of creative collaboration. We strive to create high quality synergy between game play, story and aesthetics that result in a fun and engaging experience. We hire smart, creative, resourceful and talented people and foster a fun, productive, collaborative and respectful workplace"

They create approximately two games per year and have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.  If you are interested in learning more about them or buying a game, their website is  Games are mostly available at Target stores, as well.

I have played every single one of these games and I continue to.  These casual games are a great way to get girls involved in video games and provide an outlet other than the typical competitive-type game.

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