Monday, October 15, 2012

Gaming outside your comfort zone

The other day, I went to Digital Ops with my boyfriend and his little brother to kill time before a birthday dinner. I went once before, a really long time ago and don't remember having that great of a time (I recall it was very smelly), but this time was pretty okay. The people there were nice, but the computers were glitching up a storm. When the three of us finally managed to pick a game and get it to work, we'd already used up a half-hour. This didn't really matter too much to my boyfriend, since he got 8 or 9 hours free for the day (but just for that day) as a birthday perk from Digital Ops, but his brother's free half hour as a newcomer was burnt and half the hour I paid for was gone.

We started playing Left 4 Dead, but only one of us had an actual headset. This killed my boyfriend's ambitions to do a (finger-quotes) "real" co-op game. What made things more interesting was the fact that a random was thrown in as our fourth, and was apparently playing in a room with a baby. So we kept hearing crying and someone singing to the baby through this mystery person's headset. I got sort of weirded out by it, since we were playing a zombie-killin' game and all I could hear was crying and shooting, so I turned off the voice settings. 

I've played in groups online (in that one game that I spoke way too much about in the last class), but I never played using TeamSpeak/Vent/Skype/whatever with people I didn't already know. I like not being nerd-raged at, and also, my own music is better than most of the stuff I hear in-game anyway (my bias is showing, I know). But I've always played in the comfort of my own home as well, except for games that I can only play at Pinball Pete's or something. So I'm wondering what you guys think about going other places to play your games - do you like gaming in settings like Digi Ops, or are you more into being on your computer in your own environment? Are there certain games or situations where you'll change your mind?

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