Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blog #2: HD Remasters of Older Games

So it looks like this year is shaping up to be the year of the HD remaster. For Playstation consoles alone, whether it's Shadow of the Collosus, Okami, or Doom 3, companies seem content to repackage older games in a shiny new high-definition package and consumers seem more than content to purchase them. Some of these are merely the same game made compatible for the Playstation 3. Others receive a substantive face-lift. Finally, some multi-game franchises get released in a single HD package for a bargain price. Are these products worthy additions to the medium? Also, would you (or do you) buy them?

1 comment:

  1. If I didn't already have some of those games then no. However, are they adding anything new to those new additions in terms of narrative or new characters? Or is it simply better graphics?

    There needs to be something else done to the game in order to entice people with the old versions to get the new ones.