Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rough Transcript: Class Tangents 10/30/12

I attempted to transcribe the class discussion every time we went off the topic on the Power Point. Key word: attempted

Begin transcript:

They say things you wouldn't say. Three weeks ago a notorious reddit troll banked in Texas, but it wasn't antisocial. I wonder if it was legal. Big files of likely upskirt criminal charges. Any of that stuff from his office.

It so is not. You've got these groups, the U.S. army did this recruiting game and they would want to go, "Oh yeah, certain social hate groups really target interesting things."

Care bears are for girls and bronies.

Thomas the Train is not, like, need to be humanized. But now Night Rider does Prilosec ads. Larry the Cable Guy: worst Pixar movie ever.

Blues clues did that too. Boys associate with three year olds; at three, girls can always be boy scouts. Magic Mike was one gay guy. So pretty, not a lot of body hair. Girls went to see 300 women hating movies. All the rest of women literally crushed.

We were 10 years old. "What is this? It is. Mom, take the magic away." I never saw a great weapon.

Negatives of living in Detroit: Once I played sports, no longer. You do it for so long, oh crap, practice all the time, free swag. These cost free XBoxes. Oh shit, it was, '02, or something, it was not made for anybody.

I'm from Pennsylvania. That's terrible, you don't play for the claim, "playing couch potato." Apple slices in the fridge. Nothin'. I want to be clear about that... nevermind.

He has an actual oven. I went and got the I Love Lucy set. The whole house.

The girls who are horse girls. Access to a real horse. I just said, "I don't know." Damn serious stuff those beauticians.

Now they have as customized lunch with World Feminine Culture. They can't even eat bikini version. She likes to text maybe a bit earlier. I thought, "oh my god, bad ass!" Evil barbies, Tommy Lee Jones, it was a different kind of game.

He used to California shepherd staff, totally badass gem on it, like, he was Gollum. Sky Mall! You've gotta go to Vault of Secondary Sources. Sky rocket real Hobbit. Great poster.

Chicken nugget.

End transcript.


  1. If we played around with the line breaks, we'd have a pretty good post-modernist poem on our hands here.

  2. You are not nice. From now on I will just read what is on the slides, okay?
    Worst part? I left class thinking we had really productive discussion today and we mostly stayed to topic.
    Also, this is not a transcript of off-topic comments but your interpretation of said comments.
    I don't understand the femininine culture lunch??? Magic Mike had one actor who is gay play a straight stripper. Just like he plays every week on the 1 hour drama in which he plays a cat burglar. Larry the Cable Guy does OTC antacid ads. Knight Rider is a pop star in Germany. I remember no discussion of Blues Clues. That one guy's music isn't terrible.
    Is this one of those automatic writing exercises like the surrealists used to do? Like Exquisite Corpse or whatever?

    1. Well, some of it does kind of apply to gender roles.