Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blowing into Cartridges: Does it work?

This is an interesting article and unscientific study into the effectiveness of blowing into the cartridge. It shows whether or not our "this will fix it" trick actually did anything. I won't spoil the answer:


I remember using this trick all of the time for my first and love-of-my-life system, my N64.  I think we might be the last generation of gamers to know this trick as all the new game systems are digital or disk.   It's kind of sad knowing a whole generation of gamers won't know the joys of the classic games and/or game consoles.

And in case anyone is wondering, my roommate Zach still blows.


  1. ****Spoilers**** -- Do not read my post if you want to read the article first...

    I object to the overwhelming technological empirical evidence that seems to indicate that blowing into the cartridge does not in fact work. Although, I have no evidence of my own. In all seriousness though, that article blew mind, and I must say I am very disappointed with the conclusion. I would have to agree it was probably the placebo effect that had me convinced that the "trick" actually worked. I recall using this method countless times to get my system to work.

    The nostalgia aspect you brought up is also kinda depressing as you remarked upon. On the bright side, however, our generation of gamers will always have that certain camaraderie associated with late 80's and 90's gaming. I plan to continue to blow on my Nintendo 64 cartridges even after reading that extensive article just for the nostalgia factor. Additionally, we'll always remember the original 150 Pokemon, and that all important choice of Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Honestly, who chose Bulbasaur though...

    In any case, touching more on the nostalgia idea, here are a couple amusing 90's nostalgia sites that might be fun to check out:

    1) http://www.inthe90s.com/

    2) http://things90skidsrealize.com/

    Oh, and I see what you did there at the end haha...

  2. Totally agree with both of you. Whatever happened to believing in something? Placebo effect or not, I refuse to abandon a proven trick of the past. Sure, maybe it doesn't withstand thorough scientific tests and evidence, but neither does crossing your fingers and hoping for something, or making a birthday wish, but we do anyway. It's called believing in something, even if its an age-old trick to get your 64 game to work.

    I also think it is pretty tragic that today's generation is losing the nostalgia aspect we are currently clinging onto. Sure, the technologies of our childhood are considered primitive now, but they were breakthrough and innovative for the time, and they had character. Nowadays everything is morphing into the same device, which possesses so advanced a technology that "quick fixes' are no longer possible. I'm just worried the younger generation will be too caught up in the future to enjoy the little things of the past. Of course I worry about that with our own generation..