Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Journal Entry #2: What kind of Hero are you?

Your eyes open. You stand on the edge of a large circular chamber surrounded by men in robes. In the center of the circle, a man in rags kneels facing a woman on a throne. The woman is flanked by armored men on both sides.

"To the dungeon." She declares.

The man in the center is lifted under his arms and dragged through a door, down a staircase, into the dark.

"I tire of this. Bring me the next two. We shall have some sport."

You are dragged by an armored guard and thrown to the ground where the ragged man was kneeling. You notice you are in rags as well. Another man is tossed next to you. His hair is grey and he has a long beard; he doesn't struggle. His eyes don't open.

"You," the woman barks, "what is your name?"

(What is your characters name? For the purposes of the story our Hero will be named Hero, but yours can be anything!)

"Clearly not from around here. From where do you hail, Hero?"

(What is your race?)

"Figures. Very well. The man next to you needs no introduction. Do you, outskirter?"

The old man opens his eyes but keeps his gaze on the floor. "No, your majesty."

"I am no Queen! You will address me as High Senator and nothing else!" She snaps. "You, Hero. Slay this man and I will grant you your freedom."

One of the guards throws a blunt sword in front of you. You pick it up. The old man raises his gaze and meets your eye.

"Kill him, Hero, or you both die!"

Do you…

A) Kill the old man
B) Drop the sword and accept your punishment
C) Attempt to hack your way out of the room with your newfound weapon

It's your choice.

On the twelve of Leaffall,

The Scribe

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