Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun video game robot chicken videos

Hey everybody, here are the links to 3 video game related Robot Chicken skits.  Enjoy.
(Donkey Kong gets more than he bargained for)
(the contra guys think they are invincible)
(space invaders plan an attack)


  1. I LOVE the space invaders planning an attack, and I think Robot Chicken just always does a great job figuring out what is popular.

    It also goes back to when Sheila was asking our thoughts about how video game references/culture has become more accepted in main stream culture. Very interesting.

  2. Love them all! Robot Chicken is always hilarious, I especially love the Halo one. Mario and Donkey Kong didn't stand a chance. It's always fun to see the present collide with the past, especially when it is as original and entertaining as this. The question is whether modern Mario and Donkey Kong would put up a better fight? Fireball vs. machine gun? Grenade vs Donkey rage? ... Yeah they would probably still lose, but throw Yoshi in the mix and all bets are off.

  3. I think its hilarious that Robot Chicken makes fun of how the invaders attack by slowly moving back and forth across the screen, just like we talked about in class. Of course in the end the game wouldn't have been any fun if all the aliens flew straight at you. Modern games make concessions for gameplay too, like getting shot several times without dying in today's shooters.