Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thankfully we have Wii Fit...

Through an initiative called Designed to Move, Nike amongst a whole slew of organizations around the world have teamed up to shed light on a rather somber statistic relevant to young people of today. For the first time in history in the developed world, the current generation of children is expected a life 5 years shorter than that of their parents. Take a minute to check out the article, watch the video, and look at the web site.

I think you can undoubtedly link this to the gaming culture that has gained momentum through our adolescence. While gaming may heighten problem solving abilities, multitasking, and other cognitive functions as discussed in class, there's no denying that gaming and the constant need for youth to be "entertained" promotes a culture where personal discovery is forged through a screen, and having no software to guide (and reward us) in our playtime is beginning to seem primitive. Obesity rates continue to be on the rise and now we are beginning to face the effects.

I don't care how educational the games may claim to be - I'll be damned if my kids are playing on an iPad/iTV or iWhatever at age 3.

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  1. I don't think you meant to, but its definitely unfair to single out video games as the cause of childhood inactivity. There are definitely other factors involved such as TV, movies, and, what I think is probably the biggest, surfing the internet.