Saturday, September 29, 2012

What Makes A Game Addictive?

That's a very hard question, however, a game that I can relate to makes me want to play a game more. A game that gives rewards also makes me want more of it. A game that is both challenging, yet easy is also a factor for me. The incorporation of music, well good music, is also a factor. Lastly, the realism factor. If I can't relate to a character or make a character in a game relate to my liking, then the game is not for me. In closing, these are the x-factors a game needs to get me addicted. Now, does your game have the X-Addict-Factor?

Byron Reeves: What Makes a Game Addictive?

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  1. One game that had me addicted was Farmville, because they used the clever mechanic of forcing you to return within a certain time period in order to harvest your crops. Then they would also have those special offers which would force you to play at a certain time in order to acquire them. However, I did eventually notice how annoying this is and came to hate all Facebook games. I don't think I'm the only one, since I've recently heard that Zynga suffered a huge drop in stock prices or something to that effect.