Monday, September 24, 2012

Video Games Awesome!

Hey! Looking for a fun way to procrastinate on doing your homework? Love watching Let's Plays, but want to see something a little different, maybe a bit more interactive? Like cool costumes? Well, have I got the internet show for you!

A site with videos of a group of friends sitting around playing video games, complete with riffing, snarky commentary, and plenty of innuendoes. They play with a green screen in the background, so you can see both the gameplay and their reactions at the same time. They also have a 'chat' who gives them helpful (and not so helpful) hints for when they get stuck/confused (which is often).

They play tons of games, and have a new show up pretty much everyday, so if they play a game you like, check it out!

Also, they're Canadian. Multicultural, eh?

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