Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zombies and the zombies who zombie them

Three facts about zombies:

They will help you run faster (or just help you run.)

Zombies, Run! is an Android/iPhone/Windows Phone app that turns running into a big-ass chase scene, with your music. It's a bit pricey ($7.99 on the App Store) but the reviews are all, "I HATE RUNNING BUT OH MY GOD I CAN'T STOP TO WRITE A DETAILED REVIEW OR THEY WILL EAT MY BRAIN - GOTTA GO!" I'm pretty sure that means it's working.

They will help you become a better gardener (or just make you want to plant things that can eat other things and people.)

Plants vs Zombies is a game that's been around for a while, but I enjoy it immensely. The goal is to keep bands of zombies out of your house by using your yard as a battleground and your plants as weapons and barricades. The zombies get harder and harder to beat with each level - each breed has its own quirks, props and weaknesses, like the pigs on Angry Birds - but the plants you gain get more and more badass as well.

They will lead you to cool things (or just get in your way when you already know about them). 

I said something about this on Friday, but in case you weren't there or forgot: The Three Corpse Circus is an international short film fest, and it's happening at the Michigan Theater this Saturday. My roommate, Brian (or, as I like to call him: B-Dubs, Dollars, Oral-B...) and his friends have been planning this all year (every year, since 2009) to make it super cool.

At $7 per block or $10 for the night, it's cheaper than most things you'd be doing if you went out into the world. So follow the Zombie Walk there from Pinball Pete's or just stumble upon it on your way to the liquor store Starbucks, either way it'll be a good time. Click here for the lineup. (Also, they've had exclusive trailers to games like Silent Hill in the past, so they might have something else up their sleeve for this year!)

See, even the undead and brain-eating can be helpful.

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