Monday, November 5, 2012

An Engineer's Perspective (#1)

As the only engineer in a class of primarily SAC majors, I have decided to spend my next couple blog posts sharing a slightly different, more technical viewpoint on video games. To start off, here's a little bit more about me.

What on Earth is an engineer doing in a SAC class?
To make a long story short, I needed humanities credits - and found a loophole in the system where this class would count. I spent numerous hours sifting through the course guide at great lengths, trying to find the most technical sounding class that still counted as humanities / social science credits. Needless to say - with a title involving the words "video games", this class instantly rose to the top of my list.

Two things I have learned in this class so far (not related to the curriculum):

1. How a blue book exam works. Although this is my fourth year at Michigan, our midterm was my very first blue book exam. Now I can step on the block M in the diag!

2. After constant references in class to movies I haven't seen, or even heard of most of the time, I have come to the conclusion that I really need to watch more movies.

As a Computer Science Engineering major, interested in pursuing a career in video game development, I have worked on several projects designing and implementing video games. In my next few posts, I will share some of the experiences I have had and class projects I have worked on.

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  1. That's really cool that you want to do this. How did you come about wanting to make games?
    Are there any particular kind of genres of games you prefer?
    Interested to hear about your class projects.