Monday, November 5, 2012

Preorder bonuses

I feel like every game store now gives you a different preorder bonus such as different armors and weapons.   I have not preordered a game since a best buy opened a mile from my house 5 or 6 years ago.  I only preordered games because gamestop and target always had minimal copies.  Now I think it is a way to get some of your money up front.  Does anybody still preorder games?  Do you guys do it to for the bonuses or to have a guaranteed copy?


  1. I pre-order games if:

    a.) It is a game I really want

    b.) There is a legitimate reward/bonus for pre-ordering the game.

    I'm making the shift away from gamestop to Best Buy (and Amazon) due to better deals, member rewards, and service. I am not a fan of the whole idea of withholding content to make it "pre-order bonus" based on certain stores. It means that gamers miss out on content since they can only get the game at one store.

  2. Preorders are fine and dandy if you live far enough away (which for agoraphobes is >5ft) from a store that going instore is inconvenient AND if there is a reward for pre-ordering.

    Black Ops 2 massively screwed pre orderers by making the bonus irrelevant almost immediately after release.

    In contrast, Halo 4 had different armor models based on where it was preordered.

    On-Disk DLC/pre-order content is hell/satan/evil/fucked and I hate it, though.