Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wreck It Ralph-We Talked About This in Class!

As Chloe already posted, the movie is GREAT. The best Disney movie of recent. For our video game studies though, 2 NON-SPOILER parts particularly stood out to me.

First, a BA officer from a Halo-esc world named "Calhoun" has an interesting twist to her character: being programmed with the most tragic back-story ever. Backstories were brought up in class, and how they have often been overlooked with older video games. It is wonderful to see the creators of Wreck-It Ralph not only aware of that, but playing with the idea.

Second, at one part of the movie, a character goes into "the code" of the game and makes an alteration. It is fascinating to see how the movie makers have imagined the "code" of a video game. It looked much like many tabs or buttons of a "game board" that would be found in a traditional arcade game, but suspended in space by wires that connect their functionality to players and areas. I personally don't know why they just didn't say "we need to go to the board" instead of "the code" (since the characters obviously couldn't alter the code with their own hands), but the section still stuck out to me as exploring an interesting concept in video games.

I give Wreck-It Ralph a solid "A." Let me know what you think of these ideas once you see it!


  1. I loved how meta this movie was. They clearly knew what they were talking about and what kind of people would be watching this film. They especially knew how ridiculous they were being, and thoroughly played with all of our preconceived notions. Way to go, Disney. You may yet become respected again.

  2. I saw the commercial and thought to watch the movie so I could write a blog post on it but looks like you beat me to it. I realized in the movie, there is one scene where there are many video game references to characters from other video games. To be honest, there were some in there that I didn't recognize. I wonder if this movie could one day be irrelevant to future generations. Hopefully Bowser will still survive? or the Pac-Man?