Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More semiotics!

Proof that you can get way too damn carried away with gamer slang.  These are honestly just the basics - I've played too much Halo for my own good.  Also, this website as a whole has a terrifying amount of detail about Halo...


On top of that, there are terms that you need to know for each and every map.  Obviously you're not going to here these out in public, but it just goes to show how in depth the terminology can get for an individual game.  Also, don't watch the whole thing, I'm just proving it exists.


So 20 or so terms for each map, times 20 maps, plus a ton more jargon, times an absurd amount of video and computer games, equals a great many terms that mean nothing outside of gaming.


  1. We mentioned today that gaming terminology was originally supposed to save time by condensing words. I feel like with the absurd amount of specific terminology there is to learn, it actually does the opposite and makes communication even less clear and more time consuming.

  2. Well I guess only the hardcore gamer would learn all this absurd amount of gamer slang. Maybe in the beginning it might get frustrating for noobs (gamer slang!) to understand what the more experience players are talking about but after enough time, you would learn them all.
    Interesting find.
    I more recently posted about a couple of gamer terms that is used outside of gaming, so check them out.

  3. I definitely agree, the effort put into learning everything is kind of ridiculous, but once you know it all, it's really helpful. For the casual gamer, it's definitely going to get in the way though. It just all depends on the amount of time you want to invest in the game and how you want to play it.