Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Violence and the Media

If anybody is further interested in Violence & The Media, Professor Huemann offers a class that is pretty interesting. It is 4 credits and here is the course description:

COMM 481/ PSYCH 481. Media and Violence. (4 credits)
This course examines the psychological causes of aggressive violent behavior and the theoretical and empirical connections between violence in society and portrayals of violence in the mass media. It surveys the research on the physiological, psychological, and environmental factors implicated in the development of habitual aggressive and violent behavior and examines the theories that explain how exposure to violence in the mass media adds to the effects of these other factors causing aggressive and violent behavior.COMM 361 or 381 strongly recommended.

The professor has studied this for a long time and a lot of the articles that are assigned are some of the studies he has done in the past, either alone or as a collaboration with other researchers.

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