Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Which Platform?

With the recent release of Halo 4, there has been some talk about whether or not a PC version for the game would be released. As of now, it's been reported that there is no thought of releasing a PC version for the game. The game was specifically designed for XBOX and the game experience was centered around the XBOX console. This made me think, "what goes behind the decision to choose which platforms to release video games in?" Is it strictly a designer choice? Do designers choose what platforms would be the most compatible for the achieved game experience, or are there also corporate incentives behind which video games are released for specific platforms? I could see designers desiring to see their video game released for multiple platforms, for the sake of profit and revenue, I can also imagine designers who are very specific about their constructed game experience, but at the same time I can see corporate incentives seeping into the process of game design and distribution, either to create greater profit, or hoard all profit to their specific associated game platform.

Here's the link on Halo 4:

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  1. Since Halo:CE, there hasn't been a PC adaptation of the series. Furthermore, the game has been designed with xbox hardware in mind, making a mouse and keyboard a clunky and awkward alternative. Adapting 4 to the PC would basically require players to use an xbox controller begging the question:

    Why not just play the damn game on Xbox?