Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gifts for Sullen Teenage Girls

During my shift of avoiding work at work, I stumbled upon this Kotaku gift guide, which is apparently for people like me (or least like me but about 6 years younger).

Apparently the Sullen Teenage Girl can be impressed by items like:
A painting of the Big Sister from Bioshock that sort of looks like something Regretsy would make fun of. (It's already sold on Etsy so good luck finding it there. Besides the "Steampunk" Little Sister illustration is better.)

- To The Moon. I haven't heard of this (therefore, I have not played it), but apparently it's an "RPG-Adventure-SciFi-Tragicomedy-Psych" game. Kotaku describes it as, "a little bit Chrono Trigger, a little bit Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and all heart." Huh.

- this lovely little pin.  Because why speak when you can threaten with a button?

Personally, I think going and deleting ALL the save files would be too much work... 

 ...and I think the only person who I would consider doing that to would react a little something like this.

So, then, what is the IDEAL gift to get the Sullen Teenageish Girl who is too lazy to delete your save-files but too interested in black comedy and bad paintings to deserve a mere gift card?

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