Thursday, November 29, 2012

Human imitation of Pong, Tetris and Pac-Man

I just found myself staring at these videos...
                                         Here is the Pong performance
                                         Here is the Tetris performance  

                                    ... and the craziest one here is the pac-man performance



    Not quite the same as these ones, but that's what it reminded me of. I love all the sound effects they make, in the Pacman one especially.

  2. actually one of the things my tour guide told me when i first visited UMich was that people had run around in the fishbowl dressed up as Pac-Man characters. I think it's really interesting, incorporating something so Other, so different into the fabric of your reality. Along the same lines, there is a Hacker's Club at UMich this year (and possibly has been in past years, but I just saw it at FestiFall recently) and they had a large pole with a Mario question mark box suspended above and in front of their table so that people could interact with it as they walked by or take a picture of themselves imitating one of the most translated and easily identified video game movements of our generation.