Monday, November 19, 2012

The Games That Define This Generation

I recently watched a video on IGN where four of the site's editors discussed the question: What game most defines this generation of platforms?  Of course, there's no easy answer.  Would it be Modern Warfare, the game that sold millions of units and is probably at least partly responsible for the recent burst in shooters, or would it be another one of the increasingly huge blockbuster games to have graced this console cycle?  One could make a good argument for World of Warcraft, the MMO juggernaut that continues to deliver massive expansions and boasts over 10 million users.  Maybe it should be Wii Sports, the game that launched the motion control craze that even Sony and Microsoft have hoped on board with now.  Could it be Minecraft, the indie hit that embodies player control and creativity?  What about Angry Birds, the casual game that defines casual games in an era where the sales numbers for casual games are far surpassing those of games released on consoles and PCs and are reaching a far wider audience?  The games in the Angry Birds Series alone have seen over 1 billion downloads worldwide.  Personally, I think the field has become far to vast to pick any one game.


  1. I think anything that was made for the N64 defines our generation. Honestly, we all remember blowing dust out of those cartridges to make the games work.

  2. Halo and GoldenEye do it for me. I think both of those games really revolutionized and jump started the video game markets at different times. I'm more familiar with Halo because I actually owned it instead of having to go over to my friend's house to play GoldenEye. The video game industry is almost always seemingly booming, but I remember the Halo release as the one time where the majority of people were interested into what the game was all about. Not to mention the aesthetics of the game.