Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halo 4 Launch!

I am sure many of the dudes in class know that this coming tuesday is the release of 343 Industries' "Halo 4".  I figure there are going to be a few of us going to pick up the game at midnight.  I suggested to Shelia that we investiage midnight launch culture for games by recording/documenting our experiences going to get the game.  What kind of people (age, gender, occupation, gamer type) do you think go to midnight launches?  What kinds have you encountered while going to one if you have gone?  This would make for an interesting conversation.  Also, we can exchange gamertags and actually play the game.  Simply post them as comments to this post. 


  1. I will be going tonight at best buy. I have not been to a midnight launch since Black Ops. In Ann Arbor it is mostly students but in my experience in attending a midnight Madden launch at home. When I went at home I was surprised at the number of mother's waiting in line at midnight for their middle schooler who would not even play the game that night. Isn't that not the point of going at midnight?

    I intend to play through the entirety of Halo's campaign tonight as well. I have a rule that I will not play online multiplayer until I have finished the campaign so I try to beat games that I want to play online right away. Does anybody else do this? Is anybody else going tonight? My roommates gamertag is "vesiot"


  2. I went to the GameStop on Eisenhower (my last purchase at GameStop as I am completely making the switch to Best Buy for gaming). I ran into a cat from class there. As for the demographic of the midnight launch...There were tons of people. Three of them were women. One woman was there cause her boyfriend was getting the game. Another was a mother escorting her two sons to get the game. The last was a woman in some weird costume/clothing that was surrounded by nerdy I avoided her...but she was talking about armor abilities so I assume she is getting the game herself...or at least will be playing it. I was shocked at the number of people there as this GameStop location is not even a large one. I know the one off Washtenaw had many more people alone. One of the guys got the game...ran into the driveway of the mall...and threw his clothes off and cried out happiness for getting the game. This was not at all my first midnight release...but man I felt as if I do not fit into how geeky (not nerdy at all) many of the gamers acted. There were some cool ones (I ran into some friends there too) so I exchanged gamertags with a few. And they had Little Ceaser's pizza. was a solid experience.

  3. HEY. I knew halo 4 was coming out! and i'm a girl! my boyfriend brought it over and we played (on MY xbox) for like three hours tuesday night. While I didn't go to the midnight release (i haven't legitimately followed the games enough to fancy doing that, and I had a serious paper due the next day) I still played it and participated in the hype.