Saturday, November 3, 2012


Brands, Promotions In Video Games
Ian Bogost, a video game specialist, would argue to brand in a video game, one must brand with a purpose.  Therefore, if someone leaves their brand or slogan unto a game there must be in identified reason for it. Similar to film, the purpose of the prop (or object of usage) must correlate to the story. For example, in Britney Spears video, “Hold It Against Me,” although not a video game there were usages of perfume, televisions, and dating links inserted into the video. Although, a serious case of product placement, these insertions move the narrative. Radiance, a chapter in her perfume line compliments Britney Spears the artist. In contrast, if there were a close-up of a cologne bottle from say Michael Jackson, the viewer would be confuse because this bottle would have no relevance or correlation to the video and or song. Lastly, the dating link (Plenty of Fish) and the representation of Sony Televisions are a necessity to this video because they move the story. 9 times out of 10, these sources have sponsored some type of donation to the video due to the videos nonchalant advertising. As a result, in relation to games, branding must have relevance to its product. When brands have relevance, they sell more efficiently because a niche audience relates to the product. A product (a game) has to relate to its audience in some shape or form. To hammer the nail on the Hold It Against Me Video, the video contains numerous brands. It brands the dub-step market, the digital television market, the perfume market, the dating market and the Britney Spears market.  There are five instances of branding, to super promote the main brand, Britney Spears herself.
Last, week I mention a game called The Urbz: Sims In The City. This game main goal is to brand the Sims empire. However, to brand this game, there are sub-brands which make this possible. During several accounts, “Electronic Arts” the publishers of the game, their logo is branded somewhere throughout in the space of this game.  This pays homage to the company itself when this logo is displayed throughout. Once again, to brand, is similar to leaving your sticker on someone. Stickers stick with you. Lastly, the game promotes the music group Black Eye Peas. There music is played in the opening credits, closing credits and via some parts of various locations within the game. There fashion choices are also prevalent within the game. These characters and their music sticks to the mind of the player. This haunting promotion forces you to like this group in a way because one cannot run from this music unless one turns their volume down on their PC or CONSOLE. However, that’s no fun. Also, if one were to do that, the reason behind it would be because they are trying to clearly distract themselves from the BRAND – Black Eye Peas

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