Sunday, November 11, 2012

Graphics, do they matter & Why? - (An Not So Credible/Gamer Review) - More of A Spectator

Graphics, do they matter & Why?
Well this is a tough question to answer; however, I think graphics in games do matter. Depending on the graphic, they date when a game is and was produce. For example, the early Atari game series, base on the graphics of these games gamers know the era, year, and what console a game is played on. Yes, there are the credits in the end of each game as well as logos, but it is the games graphics on these consoles that are make them distinct from say games on Nintendo 64.
            Furthermore, graphics similar to movies I find to be really interesting. Atari games other than PAC Man I find to be really uninteresting. Reason why, I didn’t grow up in the 80’s, I was born in the 90’s; therefore, there is not too many reasons why I would care for a video game of the 80’s. In the 90’s the graphics were different than those of the 80’s. Graphics in the 80’s I would debate are unrealistic for me, in contrast to those of the 90’s. Similarly, I believe a gamer from the 80’s would argue games from the 90’s or even games today are too realistic for their taste. I feel with games and graphics there is an era issue. Reasoning, when I play games today; these games are just too real for me because of their filmic qualities. Similarly, new gamers would argue that games as such are just fine because they didn’t grow up in an era were games were in transition to be what they are today.
Nonetheless, games and graphics are an evolving force -- similar to movies. For me, to play an older game is equivalent to watching silent movie. One goes to sleep and they are bored. Don’t get me wrong, some silent films are a hit/miss but the majority (statement to be continued).  In contrast, watching newer movies, depending on individual they are more entertaining, yet weary of the super realistic quality of today’s movies.
            For me and not arguing for all, depending on the graphic I feel that in some situations graphics enhance the game and at other times they just do not. 

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