Monday, November 19, 2012

Wii U Launches Today

Reports are everywhere that the Wii U has launched Sunday at Midnight, people actually went to buy it, and is becoming a hot commodity.

The new Nintendo system will supposedly usher in a "new era of councils," but I disagree. Since it is focused on in party play or multi-player cooperate play, I think this is entirely something else.

Do you expect to see Microsoft and Sony new councils in the next year? And if so, is it because of Nintendo or something else?

Comment below.


  1. I would expect to see the xbox 720 and PS4 at E3 this year for a 2014 release. I have very little interest in buying or even playing the Wii U after owning a Wii. I waited in line for hours the night the Wii came out only to play it for 6 months.

    1. Spencer,

      Agreed. And with the price tag, I'd rather invest in something else.

  2. I'm just waiting for holographic display consoles where the action comes to you.