Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The day has arrived! Halo 4 is here! [And it's awesome, by the way.]  One of the reviews on the case claimed it to be "The Most Anticipated Game of 2012!", however, the question I pose is if it really is, or if Call of Duty Black Ops II should carry that reign.  Regardless, Halo is a huge franchise that deserves credit for carrying on the storyline.  Here is a review, found on AOL:


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  1. Personally I think Halo 4 is probably more anticipated, especially after the popular internet backlash against Modern Warfare 3. Also, there's the tension that's built up around how 343 Industries will handle the franchise. Finally, there's the fact that Halo 4 continues the story of two gaming icons (Master Chief and Cortana), characters that players are much more invested in than they are invested in the Black Ops characters.