Monday, December 10, 2012

18+ Content Get a Scheduled Buy Time in Europe

As recent as last week it was announced in Europe that gamers in European countries wanting to buy 18+ rated games for their Wii U’s will be restricted to doing so after a certain hour in the night. The factors pertaining to this is that even though the various countries across Europe have different age restrictions to the purchasing of video games, because the homebase for Nintendo Europe is in Germany the eShop is complying with the German standard of regulations of youth protection. German law prohibits the sale of 18+ rated games before 10:00pm and after 4:00am.

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  1. Post #20 (sorry it's 5 min late)

    I think this restriction on the hours you can buy 18+ games is a little excessive and unnecessary. I feel like only video games would get this type of ban. If it were movies or music, it would be fine, but cultures look down upon video games more because they are a new type of media that may have violent content. People should have the freedom to buy 18+ games whenever they feel like it. Culture needs to grow accustom to video games and understand how they operate in people's lives. They aren't all bad, and they aren't detrimental to society.