Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Match made in Heaven


Post #18
Now this just seemed inevitable. How do we feed our fans and give them energy to keep playing our game without actually having them set down the controller? BING BING BING. Doritos and Mountain Dew. This is a brilliant marketing strategy that couldn't target a more specific demographic. Kids are all over this! All I have to do is drink Mountain Dew and eat Doritos and I can receive special privileges in Halo 4! Sold!

Not too many products out there suit their audience better than these do, except perhaps late night male enhancement commercials on SportsCenter, they could pump the brakes a bit.


  1. Post #14
    I realize that this is a very smart marketing strategy, though I wonder about the negative consequences of marketing such unhealthy products to a demographic that is already so influenced by media and marketing tactics. I'm merely playing the devil's advocate here, but I feel like parents are concerned and weary of such marketing attempts. Parents want their children to be healthy and active. They might let their kids play video games, but they may be concerned about the health effects of such a strong marketing venture from Mt. Dew and Doritos. Parents may not permit their kids to eat and drink these types of products. Maybe society needs to send children a healthier idea of snack foods to eat while playing video games. Maybe it would help with the obesity problem in America.

  2. I think the best marketing strategy was the Doritos Locos Taco with Taco Bell. Before that came out frito lay already had a deal with Taco Bell like get a free bag of doritos with a purchase of something. However, with the Doritos Locos Tacos they integrated it even deeper into the Taco Bell brand. The synergy I tell you.

  3. This marketing is genius. I would like to see more companies view video games as an avenue to generate revenue from (via gamers supporting their products). This will lead to increased funding for things like gaming tournaments, cross promotions, free DLC/items and much more. Of course, there is the down side of people placing the stigma on gamers of being unhealthy eaters and lacking physical exercise. Then again, the vast majority of Americans are overweight (and an great amount are obease). This is not due only or even mainly to gaming. I choose to focus on the financial benefits...then again I working on getting into the gaming industry myself so I may be biased.