Friday, December 7, 2012

What makes a gamer?

As a non-gamer, I was pondering the question of what makes a "gamer?" I guess it's not really a ground breaking question, but what distinguishes a person who plays games from a "gamer?" Is a gamer simply someone who plays video games, or is it something more meaningful than that? Is it an identity that video game players seek to have, or merely a meaningless word that non-gamers use to describe people who play video games? Do people label themselves as "gamers?" At what point does one go from being a mere person who plays games to a full on "gamer?" Is it an identity that is appreciated in video game culture? These questions are up for discussion. Thoughts?


  1. I've been wondering what the actual definition of a gamer is as well. There are so many levels of 'gaming' out there its hard to point out what concedes you as a gamer, and what doesn't. I'm sure there has to be some cut off point. If a person just plays bubble buster on their phone, or a casual game on facebook, or even play draw something with their friends, does that make them a gamer? They are games after all.
    I looked up definitions of a gamer and they all vary, but I think the overall general consensus is that there has to be some level of devotion to gaming. Personally, I would define gamers as someone who plays computer or video games as a hobby, because they actually enjoy it.

  2. I guess the negative connotation of a gamer is someone who is "addicted" or "obsessed" with games. However, this is not always the case, because people who play a lot of video games are proud to called "gamers" so the term can have a positive connotation as well. This sort of makes sense because to some people a "gamer title" is something to be earned through hours or intense playing. Just like how a musician wants to be called a musician because they practiced and performed to earn that title.

    In my opinion, a gamer is a neutral title that anyone can use to say they like games a lot.

  3. I honestly think that the term 'gamer' began as a pseudo pejorative. Now, like many insults in their early stages, the moniker has been seized to portray something in a brighter light. I think it very much correlates with the relevance of Geek chic in mainstream media.

    In terms of defining a gamer, I think I would define a gamer as someone who spends the majority of their time gaming over other activities. If someone read more than any other activity, I would call them a book work. I mean, I wouldn't actually call them that, but I think that the term 'gamer' is reserved for those who spend more time playing than others.