Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Portal on a T1-84!!!

Holy Shnickes....

How awesome is that. Dang, that would have made calculus way more fun back in the day. I think s/he does a really good job of transferring the gameplay onto the calculator. Its obviously not as graphically impressive or difficult as the originals but he/she captures most of the essence. there is even the use of gravity to accelerate and the block. Too cool


  1. Just when you thought the coolest thing the TI-84 could do was save formulas.

    It's amazing how computer/video games find their way to all electronics with a screen.

  2. My children may have a more enjoyable experience in math classes than I had. But very neat, the transfer of gameplay is very good. I wonder what the controls look like.

  3. In high school my friends and I had Monopoly and Snake on our TI-84s. I remember countless Snake competitions during Pre-Calculus and Calculus class seeing who could get the best score that day, and high score throughout the semester!