Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mr. Plow, That's my name, that name again is Mr. Plow

Sorry for the title, its just one of my favorite jingles from The Simpsons.

Just saw an article in the Washington Post about snow plow drivers in Dallas using a simulation game to practice how to plow a road. (Article Here)

First I think it is pretty funny that there is so little snow that they have to have  a sim just in case it happens. But it is nice to know that technology can help us in weather removal. But what type of civil service simulation games will be next to hit the market?

fixing potholes sim?
Remove a fallen tree branch sim?
notarize a legal document sim?
Renew an old drivers license sim?

Who knows, but the possibilities excite me!


  1. This reminds me this game Mission: Space at Epcot Theme Park in Disney World. I went on this ride with my mom and my brother and when we exited, we didn't recover for at least an hour. My mom kept asking why there were so many warnings for pregnant women and people with heart issues on the way to the ride. Apparently, this game was meant to simulate a fraction of the g-force that the astronauts feel while launching out of Earth's atmosphere and into space. All I know is that I couldn't breathe and I felt like my head was going to explode. NOT A FUN GAME, though I can see how it would be helpful for astronauts in training to go through. Not for the everyday person though.

    Here is an article of a boy who died after riding this. Apparently, another person died later. Why is this ride still open?

  2. I think there should be a simulation driver's test for the Bursley Baits as well. Some of the drivers are quite dangerous and whip around corners without realizing a lot of people are standing up.

    I guess simulations are another aspect of how games can help society instead of hurt it (according to the media). In a lot of ways it becomes instructional where people can make the worst mistakes possible in the simulation to potentially save time and possibly lives. The Bursley Baits on rare occasions has gotten into accidents.