Monday, December 10, 2012

Learning Games

I think most of us grew up having "played" Mavis Beacon, the ever-so-loved game that teaches you to be proficient in typing. I wanted to bring up the notion of gaming as a tool for learning and how effective these can be. Learning games are not aimed at creating an interactivity that is leisurely and fun, but by using these qualities of gaming as a motivation to stimulate learning. I remember in one of my elementary classes, we all went to a computer lab to play Mavis Beacon, and my friends and I would compete with one another to see who is the "fastest typer of them all". It's silly at hindsight, but it definitely was an effective way to better my typing skills.
There are so many other forms of learning games out there, or even trivia questions where you just explore the game's universe. For example, there is a trivia game online on the Nickelodeon website showing the expansive world of its TV show The Legend Of Korra (love the show), all the games purpose to only to just click on things and read the descriptions. Once you explore enough of certain location, you unlock the next location and do that same. I think it just goes to show what a wide range of uses for gaming can be, and is not just limited to what we think of when we hear the word 'gaming'.


  1. Post #9
    I think learning games are an interesting concept. A lot of parents think video games are a waste of time for their children, but if it's an educational game, it's suddenly not a video game and is ok for their child to play. I know I played a lot of math learning games when I was a kid. I think learning games are an innovative and fun way to teach children not only school lessons, but also how to use technology. Computers, videos, and games are used so much in today's society that I feel it's important to start kids off on technology early on. I think technology helps kids learn better and gets them ready for the future.

  2. I played that Legend of Korra game too. It is pretty instructive about the show, not to mention fun. Not only that, but if you look hard enough you can learn about the back story of republic city (fire nation colony troubles and what not). Something that is never explored in depth on the show. I guess games can add extra information the show doesn't have time to develop.

    What's interesting about the back story content too, is that it ties in with the Avatar comic books published by Dark Horse.