Tuesday, December 4, 2012

For the geeky girl gamer

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  1. Though I shouldn't be all bent out of shape about what people choose to wear UNDER their clothes, I feel like this is akin to wearing sweatpants that say "SPANK ME!" on the butt and therefore makes me feel kind of icky. (Would you ever actually spank someone whose pants told you to? I hope not, because that's just rude.)

    Some people are going to love this bra to death because it's the xbox 360 controller graphics on their (or someone's) boobs, because, hey, look, ladies are gamers too and they're owning their identity by choosing to wear a "geeky gamer girl" bra! Others will feel like it's another way to objectify women by likening their bodies to a controller - a thing that can be manhandled (har, har) by others.

    TL;DR: Double-edged swords are fun, guys!