Saturday, December 8, 2012

How gaming can determine your future (for the better)

Do you hear your parents or the media nag about how addictive and useless gaming is, and you should make better use of your time by reading a book or something? Well, here's a wonderful counter argument: gaming can actually get you a job! Vugar Huseynzade was appointed manager of Azerbaijan Premier League club FC Baku on the sole credit of playing Football Manager, which is a simulation game (I'm talking about soccer, for you American students out there). He has no real-life managerial experience whatsoever, and he's only 21!
You guys have to understand that being a manager at a soccer club is extremely demanding, stressful and highly selective. To be given an actual job just because you play a computer game that simulates managing a soccer club is unheard of.
My first reaction was of course, WTF, but a part of me really hopes he succeeds to be a top manager.
Here's the article about it:

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