Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pokemon Hack

Also, I came across this a few years ago and thought you Pokemon lovers might appreciate this. I go to the Philippines every summer to visit family and I normally check out the bazaars where vendors sell knock off Pokemon games. I bought my friend one called something along the lines of "Code Blue" and it featured a huge 3-D Blastoise on the front cover. Anyway, my friend told me about this hacked cartridge in the article and when i read it, it creeped me out. It reminded me of those art games we looked at because this hack includes a depressing and real aspect of self-reflection after you've become the Pokemon champion. Check out how the altered narrative completely changes the tone of the game. Kind of spoOoOky.


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  1. This is just like the fake pokemon cards they found in Chinatowns everywhere.

    I knew my friends growing up told me there was some tough cave in pokemon blue no one could get pass. Does anyone know the secret?