Sunday, December 9, 2012

Talk About Mindless Violence!

I love playing L4D2 when it gets late at night (like right now). It is the epitome of mindless violence because the entire goal of the game is to blast and/or slice your way through hordes of flesh-eating zombies. It's challenging, suspenseful, and you can defend yourself with a katana. There's also some strategy in there. I don't know how I'll defend liking this game but if anyone has any insight into why it's appealing, help me out. I'm just running out of things to post and I'm tired. If you haven't tried this before, next time you play, turn off the background music, keep the sound effects on, and put on your favorite Beatles album. It's awesome.


  1. I think a lot of the magic surrounding L4D and L4D2 is that they were the first mega-hit zombie games. Arguments can be made for the Resident Evil franchise, but I never considered those beasts in the same vain as Zombies. I think our growing fascination with Zombies and the ever growing zombie movie and game market might have something to do with your interest? My biggest problem is that they have to make a huge sandbox game with normal Zombies. No specials, just good old Shaun of the Dead ones.

  2. You know what mindless violence is? Playing God mode in Sim City 4. It's impossible to go back to God mode once you made your city, but of course there is a cheat. This is beyond the list of catastrophes the game provides. You can create a mountain in the center of your city and dry up river beds by raising plateaus...Now you're playing with power!

    If you feel a little evil I would recommend God mode for Sim City 4.

  3. That sounds really sinister Graam. I always enjoyed Sim City because I would build this dysfunctional city and set the giant mechanical robot spider loose onto the map. That was fun as a child. Now left L4D2, I am starting to see a trend. This also brings up a good point. A game with regular zombies would be awesome, I hate that hunter.