Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random things your (various) posts made me think of

Also, I really find all of the Rankin/Bass animated Christmas specials super-creepy (except for the Year Without a Santa Claus, which I adore b/c I'm a huge fan of HeatMiser. I want his hair. And his minions.).
Moving on...
For Ryan and his Wii vs. Cats comment. These are the cats I live with--the one in the foreground doesn't care for me but really enjoys napping on all of the things I own (books, laptop bags, clothes, etc.) The one in the back I have nurtured for 15.5 years, from his 6 week, teeny self to the sort of mini-land walrus he is now.

Of course now I feel like I should show off the rest of the gang, for the sake of parity.

Gratuitous extra photo of Jasper-nator; Allie the Craigslist Portuguese Water Dog, Winston and I during a snowier winter; seemingly innocent but secretly demonically energetic new dog Gypsy.
And now I have forgotten what else I wanted to post. Um, first you draw an S, then a more different S...


  1. As promised, here are more cute photos of puppies: