Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Four Year Degree In Video Game Design

Its a grind at videogame college http://articles.cnn.com/1999-07-23/tech/9907_23_t_t_video.games_1_digipen-institute-videogame-claude-comair?_s=PM:TECH


  1. I had a friend/acquaintance who was a grad-student here, we were in the same improv troupe. I forget his major, something computer related. But long story short, he was able to get a job with RARE video games out in England. In fact, he was the first american hire for the company (pretty sweet). It was around the time Kinect was coming out, so they needed new people to work on games for that mode of interactivity. I lost contact with him but when I did talk to him, he said it was an amazing gig. Mix between creativity and engineering etc. So I think there is a real market for videogame creators, especially considering you can make millions selling casual games to everyone for a dollar on iPoads, and/or make money through ads. Pretty incredible. Screw SAC, Should have been a game-designer.

  2. For all you guys looking to grad school I know that USC and NYU have some pretty interesting game design MFA programs. It's interesting that these programs are in their films schools. It could have been in their engineering colleges. This implies that video games are a type of media according to these institutions. They are not necessarily viewed as a form of computer engineering which I find interesting.

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