Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Drinking Video Games?


Mario Kart Wii

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As most all of us know, college kids have a knack for turning anything into a drinking game. It's only natural then that they would alter the rules of classic video games to encourage competitive drinking. My main experience with this is with Mario Kart 64, which we dubbed Beerio Kart for obvious reasons. Objective: Must chug an entire beer before the race is over, whoever finishes in first with an empty can wins. Pretty simple, only rule is you can drink while driving, in fact you cant even be touching your controller while you drink. This adds a fun element to the game as most people inevitably end up drinking while their kart recovers from whatever deadly element thrown their way. Now my experience has always been nothing but fun, but you have to imagine some people have taken games like this too far. The competition in video games is already fierce, add alcohol to the mix and you got a game nobody wants to lose. Good or bad for video games?


  1. Dude, Super Smash get's way too heated without alcohol involve.d I don't know what would happen if everyone got twisted and then started playing. Beerio Kart sounds like fun though.

  2. Post #15
    Some drinking games may be dangerous, especially if you don't know where to stop. Obviously, those that have control of their drinking would probably have fun with video game drinking games, but others may get carried away. People would have to be careful with binge drinking, or over drinking. Recreational drinking games can be fun if done right, I suppose. It's interesting that classic childhood video games are then used as modern drinking games in college. Ironic? Are there more video game drinking games than just Mario Kart?

  3. To do a drinking game based off a game is pretty trippy if you think about. In one way it's kind of fun that you can still carry the things in your childhood into adulthood by making a drinking game out of it. However, some people might argue that this is corrupting something innocent from your youth.

    Also I agree with Matt's comment that playing games like Super Smash is already pretty intense when friends start to argue with each other. So it might not be a good idea to be drinking too.

  4. I never drink when I game. I have never understood the fascination with it. The one person I know who does drink and game is my friend Charles...and he plays substantially worse when intoxicated. Ironically, he plays games sports games and fighting games while drinking - two genres that are entirely cerebral.