Monday, December 10, 2012

Get your face in Halo 5!

343 industries (the makers of Halo 4) announced today that if you win their competition you could have your face in a future Halo game.  I'm not gonna lie, that's pretty awesome, and I feel like when you have as much market power as they do, things like this are cheap to do and promote the game a whole lot.  Not only that, but you can only win by PLAYING MORE THAN EVERYONE ELSE.  So, even if you're terrible, just spending an outrageous amount of time with their product gets you in the next Halo game.  Like I said, kinda cool, but it pays more for 343 than it costs, and I'm not a huge fan of games doing things for profit and attention.

1 comment:

  1. #1 I honestly think its a pretty smart marketing strategy. Sure, its probably a little dangerous for those who are already playing too much Halo to begin with, but it's a relatively healthy competition, so might as well let them go to town. Business is built on profit, might as well milk it while you can.