Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gaming and online humor

As a testament to the growing mainstream popularity of video games, you see a lot of youtube videos and entire channels devoted to stuff like this.  There's quite a bit of overlap between the gaming community and certain parts of the internet (occasionally WEIRD parts of the internet) that allows for stuff like this to be so prevalent in online comedy.  Some of it's modern, but a lot of it is also throwback games.  Personally, the Remi Gaillard one makes me laugh every time.  I wish I could throw banana peels at people while driving :(


  1. And, if that's not enough, I just came across a bunch of videos dedicated to Chuck Norris being placed into a bunch of older games. That, my friends, is the internet in a nutshell.

    1. #9 This is epic! I can't imagine a more bad-ass protagonist for a game, putting him into a video game was inevitable considering how popular Chuck Norris jokes became (every one of them true). It truly is the internet in a nut shell. The cross pollination of all kinds of media into one, accessible place, with limitless possibilities for entertainment and knowledge. And yes, Chuck Norris inspired this tangent.

  2. Here's a clip from the Chappelle Show even before youtube was around. The humor that comes from the idea of "what would real life be like if it were GTA?" is the same seen in these videos. How absurd are these games, really? I think we forget that perspective when we get too immersed in the world of virtual reality.

  3. I always like seeing people's artistic renderings of characters on Reddit. Provides some cool insight into how people actually view the characters.
    I also found this video of RJD2, the DJ, doing his Super Mario sketch. It's a little on the short side, but it's pretty cool.
    If you have the chance, try to see this guy live. It's worth it.