Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mass Effect 2 Renegade Compilation

This doesn't necessarily have anything to do with what we've been discussing in class, but it IS video game related, so it is still legit.

I don't know what it is, but the concept of being a jerk with badass one-liners is just so appealing to me. Self-insert wish fulfillment escapist fantasy involving building your own narrative (and some badass feminism to boot)? Now we're talking. 


  1. Yeah, I do think badass wish fulfillment is pretty common and a good thing (tm).

    1. Blog #11: Response to Sheila Murphy

      While I'm sure badass wish fulfillment is a common desire in players, I have always found myself playing games as the perfect good guy. I don't what that says about my inner psyche, but I always have felt bad whenever I act immorally in a game. The avatars I play as are probably more moral than I am in reality (better-angels-of-our-nature kind of thing?). Do you know of any studies done on the subject of how moral players are in game worlds when they are presented with clear moral choices? I think it would be a nice change if video games transitioned out of letting the player know, in advance, the moral content of their choices. It would be more interesting and require more intelligence to make a choice without getting clear rewards for being good or bad.