Monday, December 10, 2012

Fighting is Magic: My Little Pony Just Got More Epic

For all the potential bronies in the class...there must be some. If you already didn't know some indie game developers are creating a My Little Pony game called Fighting is Magic. The graphics and game play are pretty good and resemble the show's animation spot on. Basically it's like Tekken where two ponies fight to the death. I don't know what platform the game will be on though (most likely it is going to be a Mod).

It's also interesting that there is even video game "theme music" for each pony.

It won't come out for a little while. It's not an official game, so there might be some copyright stuff with Hasbro. In addition there have been arguments that the game takes away from the "message" of the show which is to be friends with each other. Not necessarily beat them up...However, kid show or not we all grew up on super smash so I think those game developers are doing kids everywhere a favor by creating this game.

*Special thanks to my friend Yuxing Xia for showing me these videos in the first place.

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  1. WHY DO GROWN MEN WATCH THIS SHOW? Please someone explain. I've watched it before and there's nothing in it that I can see that would attract grown men to this show. Help me understand!