Sunday, December 9, 2012

YouTube Gamer Channels

There are tons of YouTube gamer channels.  I actually ignore most of them, but I am a regular viewer of "dukethakilla".  While he plays all games, he focuses on sports games mainly (with Madden getting most of his attention).  I point him out because he is quiet interesting.  He is a different person while gaming than when he is not.  While not gaming, he acts (and speaks) in a mature, intelligent, well spoken manner.  When gaming, he seems to hit a switch and act (and speak) completely opposite.  What I wonder is if this is something that is the "norm" for gamers.  I know that when gaming I am more relaxed and accepting of "juvenile" behaviour.  Then again, I am like that whenever I hang out with my pals.  Is this "switch" something to be expected?  Also, what are sports fans or gamer's opinion on the video?  Are there other gamer YouTube channels that follow a similar approach or are they the antithesis of this?


  1. Oh man, this reminds me of one of the funniest videos I've seen on yotube:

    I highly doubt this guy speaks like this off camera, he's obviously trying to be funny and put on a performance. This is obvious when he does sound effects for going into the mind of Greg Jennings. Anyways, I can definitely relate to this. When I Play Super Smash Bros. I get so psyched that I start making noise and I almost forget myself to the point of embarrassment. After an intense game my reaction is, "Did I just act like that? Am I usually that loud?" I think the excitement and tension of the competition can get you worked up in lots of sports just like in video games so it seems to be part of the experience. Just check out how this is dealt with in hockey. Otherwise grown, talented and fairly intelligent men drop their gloves and their senses and beat the crap out of each other. I think the world of competition lends itself to varying degrees of this "juvenile behavior" whether it's frowned upon or accepted.

  2. ROTFL!!! This is the same guy who did the Marshawn Lynch video ("Hold my _______") video" right? He is hilarious.

  3. Same guy, absolutely love him. He uploaded a video of Greg Jennings actually responding to the video in a couple interviews, which is awesome that he had even heard about it.

  4. Post #21
    This is hilarious because I think we all know who has this "switch" when they play video games. Growing up with three brothers all 18 months apart I saw this firsthand, as competition was key in our household, we brought it out through sports and games. It's easy to overlook how loud you're actually being or how overly competitive you come off. I unfortunately found out the hard way when I had to "tone it down" when playing games with people outside my family. To them, I came off too competitive, little did they know that all three of my brothers were even worse than me. Just had to get a little outside perspective.