Saturday, December 8, 2012

infographics, yay!

I found this infographic when i was surfing around the internet today, and I thought some of the things it brought up were really interesting. (here's the link to the website). like some of the comments say, there are some statistics that probably would be beneficial to include that didn't make the cut. are there any statistics y'all think in particular would be useful?


  1. I remember reading an overview of study that basically says that gamers are generally better at multi-tasking and hand-eye coordination. Also, I'm a soccer fan and I found out that someone was given a manager job at a soccer club based solely on the fact the he plays Football Manager. I just posted about this so you should check it out.
    But some of these facts surprised me, like 44% of gamers are females. I have to question what this infographic defined what a 'gamer' is though, because there are so many various forms of gaming and so many levels of playing. If I am playing bubble buster on my phone, does that make me a gamer? I'm not really sure what to conclude about some of this.
    But I always did believe that gaming is a positive element in life... most of the times.

  2. This is an interesting fact. Did you know that Ronald Reagan championed video games because he thought it would develop rapid hand eye coordination and thought processing skills?

    I'm just curious. Who thinks they have better hand eye coordination skills from gaming?