Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pac Man in Real Life?

Earlier in the class we were talking about space in the video game, so I thought it was interesting people took that to the next level and applied it to real life. In New York people play an urban version of Pac Man. The streets are shaped like grids and Washington Square Park looks like a real life Pac Man stage. The only down side is that there is no wraparound in real life which is an important aspect to the game.

Here is the link the webpage:
Pac Manhattan


  1. This is an interesting. This just shows how creative yet bored people are during their down times. Games are coming are reality! Who says people don't try to emulate games?

  2. So cool! My only criticism is that I'm a little bit disappointed the "players" have to report their locations back to the "control room" by constantly calling them on the cell phone. They do have explanations for why they didn't use WiFi or GPS to report the data directly but I feel like there are other ways they could get around this.

    I wonder what other classic video games could be made into real life versions.