Monday, December 10, 2012

LAST POST: What I learned in SAC 368

The great thing about this class is that all of us have already vast experience and background in the video game culture. We were born and raised at a time where video games have become so embedded  within our culture - granted, some more than others, but even those that don't game can see the culture of video gaming leak onto other areas of society (ex. The marching band doing a tribute to gaming). Video game characters are recognizable and known. People know Mario and his Mexican-accented voice. So we all have knowledge about games, since we were the generation that grew up in its culture.
Taking this class has allowed me to look at an aspect of my life and the culture I see around me more intently and made me realize the significance of video games. Many times during this course when a concept or idea is introduced, I go "Oh yea! That is true!" , or "That really applies to ____", or "This really reminds me of ____". I am an example of a kid that grew up with computer and video games, fell in love with it, but then drifted apart as I grew older. But I recognize that it was still a large portion of my life and has influenced me in many ways. This class has widened my perspective on video game's impact on culture and social life, and I believe it will likely become ever more so important in society.
Lastly, would just like to thank Sheila for putting up with all of us and for teaching. Cheers, its been fun.


  1. I second David on these points. I grew up playing video games ALL THE TIME. Sega Genesis, N64, my cousin's Play station, which I short circuited twice, Xbox etc. However, as I got older and put work and other interests in front of gaming, I drifted away from it and now it's all become nostalgia. I think what this class has taught me is that games are still very relevant and way more intriguing than I ever would have expected. I don't know if my perspective on games has changed. I still think they are distractions mainly used for escape but I guess I can see the arguments that games give people faster reflexes etc. At least I'd like to believe that. I have also sen posts of games that help track the disabilities of others, which is awesome. Overall, I think I have much more respect for video games than I had before I entered the class and I see that the world is much bigger than I anticipated, especially with the rise of indie games. I got to get into those!

  2. #2 I agree with both you fellas. Video games were a big part of me and my brother's lives when we were younger. Super Smash Brothers was our jam, it was a way for my younger brothers to beat me and my older brother in something. Of course it did result in a lot bickering/fighting, and eventually led to my dad smashing our 64 with a monkey wrench, but my mom bought us a new one later that week at a garage sale, so everything worked out alright. Regardless, this class has definitely given me a greater scope of what video games have to offer. Yes, they definitely can be distractions, but sometimes I feel they are fun, necessary distractions for some people that just need to unwind. I need to unwind!