Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Evolution of Nintendo's Video Game Controllers


  1. That's interesting, I really liked the N64 controller. Except I never used the D-pad, and rarely ever used the C buttons. Are there any articles on the reasons for why Nintendo chose to design their controllers in the way they did? Also, this makes me think, do you think video games can be constricted, due to the design of video game control or the layout of the keyboard? Or does it/ can it work the other way (Video games influence how controllers are designed)? I'm sure though, it goes both ways, but I'd like to see some arguments on what influences what more.

  2. In my opinion the game cube controller is still the best. The buttons weren't quite as far apart in the N64 and the buttons are not separated between two hands like in the Wii controller. The closeness of all the buttons felt good in the hand (don't laugh).

    I personally still play with the game cube controller when I play Brawl. Any other controller and I stink.

  3. #12 That's interesting Graam, I'm the opposite way. My brother is obsessed with Melee, and he swears that it is the best of the Smash games. I of course disagree, I like the simplicity of the 64 game and the controller itself. I find the gamecube controller a bit too chaotic, however I must admit I'm not the biggest of gamers, so maybe I'm just not as 'equip' as one might should be. But I don't think that's the case, because I dominate in 64. It's funny thinking about the Wii in that way, a technological advancement inspired by a desire for simplicity. Some like, some don't, for those that don't, there's always still the originals.