Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Need to know: violent video games and the U.S. Supreme Court


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  1. Reading another blog post above this one, it seems that there seems to be a lot of critique about video games. Violent video games lead to violent behaviors and online video games lead to addictive gaming behavior. However I know there are numerous cases presented that are pro-video games. Some people may argue that video games enhance the mind. With all this said, my only beef with the government is that they are quick to ban, outlaw, or do away with video games, yet they don't really explore what video games are. If video games are this powerful, like any other medium of mass communication, can't it be used in a positive way?

    I guess I'd have different feelings and would understand them more if they placed video games "under review" or "probation", while they perform a more thorough and investigative research on video games.